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Curating Unforgettable Memories

Camp Leopard is like a homestay in the jungle…

Hosted by Marc & The Team, who wants to share the experiences they fell in love with while growing up with the bush in this tropical paradise of Sri Lanka

We are a small but Unique, Professional, Sustainable & Ethical Safari operation limiting up to a maximum of 5 Tents / 12 guests at each Camp during any given time.

Our focus remains on Exclusivity with Personalized Service and Authenticity of Sri Lankan Hospitality & the Safari, off the beaten track!

What’s new at Camp Leopard in 2022 post Covid-19 pandemic?

Ranked No 1 on TripAdvisor

How it Started

Camp Leopard was founded in 2016 with a goal to design a sustainable safari operation where the animals are not chased, but rather tracked while ensuring the creature comforts of the guests during their accommodation.

An abandoned property found was developed to what it is known today as Camp Leopard, on the sweat and tears of a team of like-minded individuals who always had been the pillars of this organization.

A business that was started from scratch as a small startup became the No 1 property in its category on TripAdvisor within the completion of its first year of an operation simply based on customer-oriented operation and the true passion of the team and many other global and local awards and recognitions achieved throughout.

With the Covid-19 world pandemic, Camp Leopard took a huge toll yet prioritized protecting the livelihood of our team. By the end of 2021 after being dormant for a while during the pandemic and lockdowns, our base Camp in Katagamuwa was closed for a way-past-due major renovation and in fact a makeover, to ensure that we deliver above and beyond the expectations and the comforts of the guest with a new, State of the Art setup for the lodge.

Renovations are estimated to be completed by the end of Summer 2022

Kumana Tented Safari Camp
Camp Leopard Kumana Mobile Camp with South African & Australian Safari Tents
Palatupana Luxury Camp
Camp Leopard Partnering Accommodation in Palatupana Luxury Camp

What’s Happening at Camp Leopard Now in 2022?

While the base in Katagamuwa is undergoing renovations, we decided to launch our dream product which had been in the planning for years since the Camp was started; an Authentic Leopard Tracking Sri Lankan Mobile Tented Safari tour to the undisturbed sector of Greater Yala Complex, Yala East – Kumana National Park, deep in the wilderness and yet with the abundance of wildlife, nature, history, and adventure.

Kumana, also known as Yala East, by far is the most beautiful, remote, and undisturbed national park on the island with the terrestrial big 5 of Sri Lanka.


More about our Kumana Mobile Tented Safari Camp

While our brand new exclusive experience is being served to travelers who really want a ‘Real Safari Experience’ off the beaten path away from the crowds, We still carryout out Original Yala Luxury Glamping Tours with tailor-made and pre-made itineraries to enhance the best of the Yala experience which Camp Leopard is known to deliver, with accommodation at a partnering Luxury Glamping Resort in Yala.

If you want the Original Camp Leopard Yala Experience that we are renowned for in Yala Block 1 & 5, you should try our Explore Yala 2 Night Tour.

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What our guests have to say about their Camp Leopard Experience

Check our zero negative reviews on TripAdvisor and hear it yourself from travellers like you.


  • “Truly an Experience”

    Tents are great, fully equipped, comfortable beds. Mark & the team take care to be as ecologically responsible as possible providing reusable water bottles and filtered water.

    Set in a national park, you’re blanketed by the stars at night, only the sounds of the wild, a perfect getaway. On top of it, only 4 tents, so a very intimate and enjoyable time. Definitely the highlight as the guides are highly knowledgeable and passionate.

    Kim & Matt Wiazowski
    🇨🇦 Canada
  • “Camp Leopard reminded me of why I love travelling in Asia”

    Marc and the team are genuine and incredibly humble people,
    it felt like staying with friends.

    You can do a safari experience with a number of different providers at Yala,
    However what sets Camp Leopard apart from the competition is that you are buying into a concept, appreciating wildlife in an eco-friendly and sustainable way.

    Sandy & Paul Ainsley
    🇬🇧 United Kingdom
  • “We chose Camp Leopard because of its reputation for great safari guiding”

    We were fortunate to have Dinal guide us – he is an accomplished naturalist and wildlife researcher.

    Staying at Camp Leopard in the glamping tents was comfortable and fun with delicious Sri Lankan food and a fire each night. The owner, Marc and the team, were always very helpful. Our stay at Camp Leopard was the highlight of our trip to Sri Lanka

    Mary Barram
    🇦🇺 Australia
  • “At camp leopard they make you feel right at home from the very first minute”

    The drives are well guided, they do their utmost to let you have great Safari experience. The food is great, the atmosphere of the camp is cozy. Excellent glamping experience.

    Elise Nouwens
    🇳🇱 Netherlands
  • “The highlight of our trip to Sri Lanka”

    At night the camp is absolutely gorgeous. All the lanterns and lights are so warm and romantic.

    Marc was the best guide we’ve ever had.
    Hands down. and we just spent a holiday in africa. He’s so in love and excited about what he does and you can feel it.
    He gave us an authentic animal tracking experience and it was unforgettable.

    Dr. Melissa Fougere
    🇨🇦 Canada

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WhatsApp: +94 76 315 2316
Call/Text: +94 77 735 8881
Mail: [email protected]

Camp Leopard – Yala
Katagamuwa Road, PO Box 01, 
Kataragama 91400 Sri Lanka.

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